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2017 Fleeting Lines Nr.2

Fleeting_Lines_Nr.2, 2017, Photoplot auf Hahnemühle Baryta Papier, 97 cm x 136 cm, auf Alu aufgezogen. 

Die Künstlerin Christina Peretti erstellt performative LED Lichtzeichnungen in die Luft und vernetzt diese mit den Felsspuren eines Berges. So appliziert sie verinnerlichte kristalline und geologische Strukuren wie Vulkan oder Tektonik "blind" aus einer direkten Körperbewegung in das Medium Luft. In der Verbindung von Natur, Kunst und Technologie entwickelt sie eine für sie neue Zeichnungsform.

Die Arbeit beinhaltet eine Auseinandersetzung mit der Zeit, mit geologischen Bewegungen und der Flüchtigkeit. Der Zusammenhang zwischen Körperbewegung, Zeichnung, Fixierung und Entgleiten wird untersucht. Bewegungen, Linien. Assoziationen sind für einen Betrachter nur ansatzweise – in der Form von fotografischen Auszügen- erfahrbar: das Spiel zwischen Licht/ Schatten, Aufdecken/ Verbergen, Bewegung/ Starre hält stets ein Geheimnis zurück.


Crystalline Visions

Mysterious, precious, shimmering, symbolic - crystal as an ideal form, as a symbol of power, sublimity, passion and death has always fascinated artists, especially since the Romantic period. It is its specific characteristics and multifaceted formations that make it - the "stone of light" - a source of inspiration for photographers, painters, sculptors and even architects. On the one hand, as a solid body, rationally comprehensible as a form and framework giver, on the other hand, as light-reflecting matter surrounded by an alchemical, mysterious or mythological aura, crystal seems to be virtually predestined for artistic visions.

Christina Peretti expands the comprehensive theme of "crystal" in a multi-faceted way: on an emotional-touching as well as rational level, she creates wonderful "crystalline visions" that seduce our eye in their unique combination of light, photography and performance with the inclusion of modern technologies and at the same time give space for our own associations and stories. Triggered by fine webs of lines that the artist "draws" into the air at night in front of a massive rock face, Christina Peretti takes us on a mysterious journey deep beneath the surface of the rock, deep into the lonely mountain interior that has existed sublimely for millions of years. She visualizes in the form of light drawings the invisible, hidden secrets and forces of the hard cold crystal rock of the depths, transforming it into warm sources of light and radiant landscapes as well as mystical inner and outer worlds.

This philosophical-poetic approach as well as equally factual meticulous exploration of the theme of "crystal" or "crystal landscape", which also reflects "Moving rocks" (2018), inspire and fascinate me as an art historian. Christina Peretti impressively deepens the crystal visions of her predecessors with technical means of our time and takes them into a new dimension. This potential is far from exhausted!

Martina Kral, September 2018

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