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zitrin/rubin, 2016

Pencil, colored pencil, Chinese ink on laid paper, 97 cm x 136 cm, framed with museum glass.

Displacement - transformation- dissolution- reshaping- geological, crystalline, psychological, architectural, social levels. Observed "mosaic stones of our lives" in various states of aggregation. Being able to breathe within this complex landscape.

Background text

The artist Christina Peretti deals with processes of associating, remembering, forgetting, creation and destruction, grasping and slipping away. These are processes that she recognizes in art, in neurological or geological processes. For Christina Peretti, geology therefore forms a kind of parallel world to her art. She uses geological metaphors such as crystal, ice, volcano, sediment, and air to describe artistic processes, thus linking natural objects with her art.

She explores the medium of drawing in ever new forms. Her dynamic and powerful drawings appear on paper supports, glass or crystal surfaces, are found in digital media such as video and photography, or are interdisciplinary with dance. A new work Peretti is developing alternates between analog and digital media.

citrine / ruby, 2016

In the work "zitrin / rubin" Peretti deals with two types of precious stones. She sees the ruby, which is created inside the volcano, as a metaphor of a volcanic, chaotic process of creation, of change and further development. The citrine stands for a contrasting, refreshing clarity, for calm and structure. The work develops along these poles, which form a harmonious unity like two sides of a coin. In her paintings, Peretti combines exact observations of crystalline structures with memories and associations triggered in turn by these structures.

In the preliminary project "Ruby / Peridot, 2014," Peretti already explored this dichotomy using two different types of gemstones.

Hilfiker Art Projects Gallery, 2016.

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