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Rubin/ Peridot, 2015

Ruby / Peridot, 2015, 75 cm x 59.7 cm, pencil, colored pencil on handmade paper.

In the work "Ruby / Peridot" the artist deals with two types of gemstones. These stand as geological metaphors for current artistic, biographical and social opposing poles of development that she perceives.

The ruby, which originates in the volcanic interior, as an expression of the volcanic process of creation, of dynamic-dangerous change, of further development. The peridot as metaphor of the pole of rest, as hold-giving, safe and decelerating rock.

The pole of movement, of breaking away from old values, of further development and individualism, but also the second pole of braking, of anchoring, of holding structure, of collectivism, of falling back on old values, which the artists perceives also outside her biography as current social, opposite poles within which many people seek orientation.

The opposing poles form in the work "Ruby/ Peridot" like two sides of a coin a harmonious whole.

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