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2019 - Moving Rocks

Pencil, colored pencil, acrylic, Chinese ink on laid paper, 50 x 65.2 cm.

Climate warming, glacier melt, tectonic movements from the mountain to the sea have influenced this work. The aim is to perceive these movements at first glance invisible to us subjectively with associations to network and make visible. Transformed, networked in a cultural visual language that breaks away from purely scientific representations.

During the production of the work "Fleeting Lines" a performative LED light drawing on the Swiss mountain area "Melchsee Frutt" invisible movements and existing forces were associated into static rock walls. This impression became the trigger for further connections of man, nature and art. Integrated into this is a preoccupation with forms of living, architectural elements in interaction with these geological forces. "Moving Rocks" shows an excerpt in medium format of this preoccupation on handmade paper.

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