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Series "walk with me", 2020-22.

On daily walks in the forest, the artist records impressions of nature with the camera. In the studio, she transfers observations into drawings in mixed media and video art, creating an overlay with associations, memories and texts. In a complex, changing environment, only the focus on the current moment actually makes sense to the artist. "walk with me, 2020" shows such snapshots in a fund of small- medium- large-format drawings, as well as painterly video works. The work is under construction.

"the unspoken garden", 2021-22

Series "the unspoken garden", 2021, No.2/5, chinese ink on hand made paper.

As a sub-theme of the work "walk with me" has developed the "garden". In particular, the focus is on resilience.

New member Visarte Graubünden, November 2021


Annual exhibition of the artists of Grisons

Bündner Kunstmuseum in Chur
13.12.2020 – 31.1.2021

Kunstmuseum Solothurn

36th annual exhibition of Solothurn artists

Kunstmuseum Solothurn
14.11.2020 – 03.01.2021 


Exhibition Finaleminimale

Alpineum Produzentengalerie, Luzern

Ausstellung von Christina Peretti und Sipho Mabona

Double exhibition Christina Peretti und Sipho Mabona

LUKB Hauptsitz, Luzern
26.9. – 30.10.2019

Video about the exhibition

Bild: Fleeting Lines Nr.2, Gegenüberstellung, 2016.

Zeichnungsführung für PH Studierende

Drawing Exhibition guide for PH students

As part of the specialization studies in art, guided tours by Christina Peretti on the subject of drawing and visual notation were conducted for PH students.

The current exhibition of analog and digital drawing works at the Luzerner Kantonalbank served as the starting point for the studio talk.

Der letzte Giacometti

The last Giacometti

B74, Space for Art, Lucerne



FOKUS GRAFIK, 10.05 - 21.10.2018

FOKUS GRAFIK, 10.05 - 21.10.2018


In the cabinet of the historic Villa Planta, works on paper by artists of the region are brought into focus under the title "Focus Graphic". The Grisons Art Museum has an important collection of graphic works from the canton Grisons.

Start new work "Moving Rocks", 2018.

Money, gold and diamonds
Gallery Vitrine, Lucerne.

18.03.2017 - 06.05.2017

Schere, Stein, Papier, Galerie Luciano Fasciati

Scissors, stone, paper, Luciano Fasciati Gallery

End of year exhibition at the Luciano Fasciati Gallery in Chur with Christina Peretti, Remo Albert Alig, Evelina Cajacob, Cornelia Cottiati, Ladina Gaudenz, Gabriela Gerber & Lukas Bardill, Conrad Jon Godly, Gian Häne, Gaspare O. Melcher, Jules Spinatsch and Sebastian Stadler.

December 2, 2016 - December 16, 2016

Solo Show Christina Peretti, Hilfiker Art Projects

10. November bis 17. Dezember, Mi bis Sa jeweils 13.00 - 17.00

Eröffnung: Mittwoch, 9. November 2016, 18.00- 19.30 (Do 8. Dez geschlossen)

Ort: Musseggstrasse 6, 6004 Luzern.

Mehr auf 

99.-, K25 exhibition space, Lucerne.

K25 exhibition space, Lucerne.

99 artists sell one work each for CHF99.

Dec. 1-4. 2016

Videos and video installations, Luciano Fasciati Gallery

29.10 - 26.11.2016, Galerie Luciano Fasciati in Chur.

Opening: Freitag 28. Oktober, 18.00-20.00.

Judith Albert, Evelina Cajacob, Fröhlicher, Bietenhader, Gabriela Gerber & Lukas Bardill, Zilla Leutenegger, Yves Netzhammer, Ursula Palla, Christina Peretti, Sebastian Stadler. 

Kunst 16 Zürich 22nd International Contemporary Art Fair

ABB-Halle 550, Zürich-Oerlikon 27. bis 30. Oktober 2016

Opening: Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016, 16:00-22:00

Annual exhibition Art Museum Olten

Ruby/ Peridot at the annual exhibition in Olten

Vernissage December 5, 2015

Annual exhibition KKL Lucerne, 2014

Rubin/Peridot, 2014

06.12.2014 - 08.02.2015

Vernissage 05.12.2014, 17.30


Walk of lines, search for traces in crystals, October 2014 Gallery Billing Bild Baar

Exhibition: Thu 23 October- 30 November 2014

Vernissage: Thursday, October 23, 6- 8 p.m.

Apéro: Sunday, November 9, 14- 17h

Finnisage: Sunday, November 30, 14- 17h

Workshop Zeichnen mit Kristallen

Workshop drawing with crystals

Drawing workshops for high school students in the gallery Billing Bild

every tuesday afternoon, schools in Baar

Werkbeiträge Kanton Luzern

Work contributions Canton Lucerne

Exhibition at the Kornschütte with Fabian Biasio, Samuli Blatter, Jeremias Bucher, Sara Gassmann, Julia Kälin, Claudia Kübler, Christina Peretti, Giacomo Santiago Rogado, Lorenz Schmied.

Project Fleeting Lines, excerpt 1

From different perspectives of art, dance and film a new drawing is created.

A dancer dances on a porcelain plate. With LED lights on her hands and feet she creates a light drawing in the air. The porcelain plate is the central element of the work. The dancer is given the template to perform her dance on the surface of the porcelain plate, which thus becomes her stage. Through this restriction and through the fragile nature of the plate material, she comes to new movement sequences, which subsequently give rise to the drawing in the air. From this restrictive setting she develops free spaces: between the poles of confinement and free space, based on drawings on these themes, Christina Peretti develops a choreography for the dancer, who in turn adds spontaneous impulses.

Contrasts such as free space/ confinement, chaos/ structure or processes of becoming and destruction occupy the artist Christina Peretti. In addition to these content-related guidelines, the similarities and connections, the differences, as well as the areas of tension between the disciplines of dance and drawing are also the content of the work.

Impuls da poesias rumantschas

Impuls da poesias rumantschas

Rhaeto-Romanic poems as association triggers for drawings and movement sequences. A collaboration of dancer Anca Serban and draftswoman Christina Peretti. 

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