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erindring, 2007

"erindring", 2007, video, 4'16, edition 5.

"erindring" contains an examination of the subject of memory, the subconscious and memory. Geological, neurological and psychological connections can be read in the background text.

Sound design: Christina Peretti & Dominik Eggermann.


The video "erindring" (in Norwegian memory), 2007, which the artist showed on the occasion of the diploma exhibition of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Design and Art), immediately fascinated the gallery owners. An ice skater, equipped with paint nozzles, glides across an ice surface, drawing her circles and loops. In the process, she leaves behind colored traces, and a drawing emerges on the white ice surface. This filmed action painting alone would probably be a good idea, but not yet an artistic creation. The video's high urgency comes from the skillful combination of choreography, film technique and acoustics.

Again and again, the figure skater threatens to fall from the seemingly overhanging ice surface. In addition, we hear the scraping and sliding of the blades. This powerful, hard sound contrasts with the lightness with which the professional skater Myrjam Leuenberger glides across the ice. Off-screen we hear a Norwegian narration, which forms an association to ice and cold, as well as to a one-year stay of the artist in Norway.

For the artist, the ice surface is a "tabula rasa" on which memories can be imprinted, but also erased again. Ice, which forms the actual climate memory of the earth, is therefore the ideal material for Peretti to explore the memory process and neurological models. The ice becomes the brain area, the reinforcing color lines form the synapses.

2008, Gallery Billing Bild, Baar


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