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The night will give you a horizon – 2020

Pencil, colored pencil, acrylic, Chinese ink, digital print, poem on handmade paper, quoted from David Whyte, 2006.

The current time triggers many philosophical thoughts and deeper emotions. A space has been created to fundamentally question individual mosaic pieces of life, be it on individual or social levels.

Reordering/ reconstruction/ steadfastness/ closeness/ distance, rawness/ vulnerability/ reduction/ being thrown back on essentials, understanding/ not understanding/ dialogue/ loneliness can fundamentally influence the view on all areas of life. Walking along this landscape whereby light/ shadow, knowing/ not knowing, being constantly in a tipping moment, holds dangers, uncertainty, aberrations.... and at the same time the discovery of new beauty, possibilities of innovation or security. The night is seen as a metaphor for this ignorance, which can also be associated with the dream and the unconscious. From the depth of this night, from these rolling mosaic stones - a new horizon emerges.

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