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Art Talks

2020- the night will give you a horizon, annual exhibition of the regional artists, Graubünden Art Museum, Chur.

In March 2021, the work "the night will give you a horizon" was shown at the annual exhibition of regional artists at the Bündner Kunstmuseum. Because events and conversations on site were less possible under the given circumstances, the artist Christina Peretti and the art historian Dr. Martina Kral created a digitally accessible discussion of the work.

2019 - Double exhibition, Christina Peretti and Sipho Mabona, LUKB Lucerne.

In the double exhibition with Sipho Mabona, the artist showed an overview of various drawing works created in the period 2011-2019. The theme of crystal, as well as the networking geology were the focus. The artist develops facets of drawing in carriers such as video, sound, performative- LED light drawing and photography, as well as classic handmade paper. Connections of analog and digital forms are created.

2018 - Exhibition Focus Graphic, Bündner Kunstmuseum, Chur.

The Art house Grison in Chur will be showing works from regional artists in 2018. Dr. Nicole Seeberger guides us through the exhibition "Focus Graphic". In a room on the theme of nature, she describes works by Augusto Giacometti, Mirko Baseliga, Dominik Zehnder and Christina Peretti.

The work of Augusto Giacometti, who studies butterfly wings, is juxtaposed with a work by Christina Peretti, who observes minerals. Nature is a trigger of association whereby abstraction and association are worked according to their own sets of rules.

The video shows an excerpt of a conversation about the work "Ruby/ Peridot" by Christina Peretti.
Photo: Stephan Schenk.

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