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2006 - Breaks

2006 - Breaks

"Breaks, (Illusions 1-67)", 2006 Mixed media, video loop (03`54), video, sound, stoneware and porcelain.

The work "Breaks, (Illusions 1-67)" shows an examination of dream and idea worlds. On porcelain plates are drawn dreams, illusions, fleeting and ephemeral impressions of travel, unrealizable projects and ideas. These contents are considered food, so they were placed on plates. However, they have not yet become "meat" as a result and cannot really nourish. Illusions, dreams and ideas get bogged down and develop a complex architecture. The ground on which the plates bounce is associated with contact with reality. The plates break and come back as shards to a simplification, a reduction: the analogous shard objects of the broken plates form a new drawing next to the monitor in an installative situation. This reduction is a metaphor for the plot that constitutes concrete life. Complicated ways turn out to be banal and simple. Whether the broken pieces are seen as complex or simple now depends on the focus of the viewer.

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