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Walk of Lines, Nr. 5, 2010

Walk of lines 5
Pencil on handmade paper, Braille, 20.5 x 29.5 cm.

In her structural research, Christina Peretti finds that she overlooks many things. That there are blind spots in her observations of the rock that elude the eye. This phenomenon inspired the artist to create the series of small drawings. The thoughts recorded in Braille, which develop during drawing. Are only visible as graphic elements and remain closed at least to the sighted. And even if, in addition to the visual, our tactile and haptic abilities are used on the sheet or stone, a mystery always remains.

Walk of lines, Nr. 4, 2010, «Crystal Rhytm»

«Singing Stones, Moving Rocks»

The large drawing shows an enlarged interior view of a figure in the crystal observed with a magnifying glass. The drawing was first produced digitally with a graphics tablet. Peretti first created different image stages of this figure in the form of animations. She projected the animation onto a paper with a beamer and combined them into an analog, static drawing, resulting in an image compression of the figure.

The theme of the work is the movement of forces present in the stone. Peretti visualizes invisible movements in the crystal. These flowing movements are present both in the microcosm of the crystal and in the macrocosm of the mountain, but invisible to our eye. The rigid surface of the rock is broken up and transformed into a flowing movement. The work shows a snapshot of this view as "Crystal Rhytm".

The work is influenced by Asian philosophies such as Daoism which associate movement in stillness.

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