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Walk of lines 1, 2010

"Walk of lines 1", crystal objects, video projection (HDV Loop, 9`26), wooden table, sand, 2010.

Photo: Schenk and Peretti. Annual exhibition of Graubünden artists, Graubünden Art Museum Chur, 2012.

Stones tell stories, crystals harbor drawings within them: these precepts form the starting point for the work "Walk of Lines" by Christina Peretti. The aim of the work is to create an interconnection of geology with art, so that an art viewer might recognize a drawing in nature, or a radiator might even consider his crystal objects as art. In the work "walk of lines" Peretti retrieves the stored, geological lines, which tell of events in the history of the earth, from the rock and transfers them into an artistic line form. Thus, an overlay of closely observed lines with personal associations and memories is created. Actually existing traces, scratches and loops are recorded by Peretti, then intuitively continued. In doing so, Peretti makes use of various analog as well as digital forms of transmission. From these elements, Peretti develops site-specific installations.

At the center of the exhibition set up in the Kunstmuseum in Chur is a multimedia installation. A beamer projects a moving drawing onto a crystal, so that on the surface there is an overlapping of the traces in the crystal with a digital drawing line. In the back of the room shows the 5-er series "walk of lines 3". These show transfers of the structures seen in the stone on handmade paper. After initial orientation on given crystal structures, the line becomes independent. Associations become images, crystalline structures become figures, gardens or architectures...

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